MAESTA' (ital Maestà - glorification, exaltation) is a version of the image of Mother of God, which was formed in Italy in the XIII century. Collection MAESTA'  transfers us to cathedrals and temples, where you can infinitely admire fresco paintings and ingenious paintings of masters artists. A technique of collections preparation with the texture of tapestry embroidery reminds us of the expensive luxury fabrics such as brocade and altabas.

MAESTA' is the unity of luxury and nobility, elegance and sophistication. This balance is achieved by a fine combination of a palace drawing with soft pastel shades. The collection includes five ensembles: pearl mocha, silver fog, powdery peach, platinum with silver and warm beige with gold.

Gallery of the catalogue:


Format: 1.06 m x 10 m

Technology: hot embossed vinyl on nonwoven fabrics