The production line installed in the factory allows to create original vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base by rotogravure printing and hot embossing.

High quality of products is provided by the advanced technologies, imported raw materials and materials imported from Holland, England and Italy.

The highly professional team of designers in Italy is working on the development of the collections. According to our layouts, exclusive printing and embossing cylinders are produced there. 

Existing facilities allow to produce wallpaper of different sizes (53, 70 and 106 cm) and density (240 - 620 grams per m2).

The environment problems are a priority for our company. Therefore, in the factory is installed a compact and efficient afterburn chamber for the purification of exhaust gas emissions (OLPIDÜRR S.p.A.), in which the air is being purified in the most effective way by thermal combustion, without causing harmful effects on the environment.