Inspiration for the collection was the Sicilian town of Taormina, enveloped in the notes of flowering almond trees and the bitter-salty aroma of the azure sea.

Taormina is not just a charming place on the east coast of Sicily ... it is a town with a rich history, majestic antique architecture, cathedrals and churches of the 14-15th centuries, stunning palaces and castles.

The collection Taormina seemed to have absorbed all the spirit and history of this town, looking at it we can imagine: Palazzo Corvaja - the Palace of Corvaja, Palazzo Duca di Santo Stefano - the Palace of the Duke of Santo Stefano, Palazzo Ciampoli, which is the oldest palace of Taormina, Palazzo Vecchio, The Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Dom San Nicolo), the Greek Theater and the Odeon.

The collection Taormina is executed in the splendid baroque style with elements of oriental and Byzantine styles.

On the tapestry there are elegant smooth lines, which are imitating hand embroidery and interweaving with geometric pattern. The richness of forms admires its solemnity and pomposity.

The range of colors of Taormina fills the atmosphere with comfort and harmony, gives the softness, warmth and comfort to interior environment. Rich graphite color with patinated gold, airy pearl with silver and delicate cream half-tones of the golden range of colors and beige shades create a mysterious intimacy, emphasize the luxury and style of the interior, and the dense texture gives them a noble look.

Scintillating glitter on the plain recreates diversity and a sense of deepness of space, also the effect of artistic structural stucco fills with velvety airiness, playing with a multilayer texture of the pattern.

Wallpaper collection Taormina takes you to the coast of Sicily and you will feel this vibrant, incomparable Sicilian spirit and the great history of the town.

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Format: 1.06 m x 10 m

Technology: hot embossed vinyl on nonwoven fabrics