Wallpaper collection Brillante shines the precious beauty of luxurious textures and elegant prints. Ornaments are in full accordance with the classical canons. Floral motives and monograms, remindful by a texture of stucco or embroidery, reveal its beauty in a new way. Masterfully applicated shadows give a volume to images. Fine vertical stripes, formed from fine lines, are full of reserved severity.

Background companions, repeating the marble and stucco, supplement a wallpaper catalog Brillante. All the panels of this edition are combined with each other. Pastel coloring of the edition creates a soothing mood. Caramel, terracotta, copper, chestnut and biscuit reveal the beauty of warm colors on the steel and milk background.

Gallery of the catalogue:


Format: 1.06 m x 10 m

Technology: hot embossed vinyl on nonwoven fabrics