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   Павильон №3 зал №13  F3055   

   г. Москва, МВЦ "Крокус Экспо" 


The floral design of the collection recalls numerous luxurious gardens, recreating the magic on our wallpapers, which combine attention to details and the uniqueness of embossing in a picturesque style, with which the skillful artist depicts flowers on canvas.

The corresponding sole-coloured plain emphasizes these characteristics with its textured details. Damask will literally let you enter the rich palaces, breathing their luxurious atmosphere. Precious reflections of gold and silver characterize this fanciful design, both in a sole-coloured plain and on ornate background scenes.

The picturesque town of Stresa, the pearl of Lake Maggiore, served as the inspiration for the creation of this collection. The colorful theme of floral design is combined with precious Damask, which together perfectly depict this area, harmoniously combining nature and culture.

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Format: 1.06 m x 10 m

Technology: hot embossed vinyl on nonwoven fabrics