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         с 28 по 31 марта 2023г       

   Павильон №3 зал №13  F3055   

   г. Москва, МВЦ "Крокус Экспо" 


Classic collection in traditional Italian style. Lacy damask and an elegant monogram with a floral motif immediately declares itself as the benchmark of taste and style. The chic texture resembles a tapestry, embroidered with gold threads, and light natural colors add lightness and elegance to it. Companions to the design are decorated with decorative stucco with a noble pearl luster.

The second set of the Fantastica collection is more modern and avant-garde. Large graceful pattern can be taken as a decorative stucco of unusual texture, as well as the fancy leaves of an exotic plant. A metallic effect that is present in all shades of this pattern adds futuristic accents. A fundamentally new, ambiguous tune is interesting in that it will be relevant both in the modern interior and in the classical one.

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Format: 1.06 m x 10 m

Technology: hot embossed vinyl on nonwoven fabrics